Ionic Multi-Step Form

Advanced form validation powered by IonSlides, IonInput, and IonSelect.

Features / Stack:
  • Ionic 5
  • Capacitor 3
  • Angular 12
  • React 17
  • React Hook Form 7.8.x
  • Vue 3
  • VeeValidate 4
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I've had worked on projects as a freelancer for several industries, and I'm not going to lie: Designing complex UI's from scratch is not a position you'd want to be. Neither trying to figure out how to integrate advanced native APIs: Background geolocation, Bluetooth, Geofencing, QR scanning, Persistent storage, Push notifications... Well, you know the drill. The truth is you don't have to go through all this hassle. This is why I developed a set of production-ready templates built in mind for real-world problems.

Fernando Mendoza
Creator of Ionic elements